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We select our brands carefully by choosing from reputable brands achieving the highest ranking in their categories, however, we do not product select, i.e. we sell full product range of the selected brands. This gives our customers the maximum selection choice to buy any product of their favourite brands all from one store. Our product(s) sources are only the Brand owners or their authorised agents in that country/territory eliminating reseller. This gives our customers peace of mind about their cost, quality of the purchase and great after-sales service.

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Home office Ergonomic Height adjustable Manual Sit/Stand desk, Adjusts with Hand crank

Price: £329.00
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Now: £299.00
(Inc. VAT)
Price: £274.17
Was: £274.17
Now: £249.17
(Ex. VAT)
(You save £30.00 )
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  • EFurnit Pro 360° Swivel Monitor Desk Mount with Double USB Ports
  • EFurnit Pro 360° Double Swivel Monitor Desk Mount with Double USB Ports

Maximum file size is 524288KB, file types are DWG, OBJ, STEP, 3DS

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Sit-Stand Desk

If you care about your health, then do not just sit there, stand up!

Manual height adjustable desk is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of current & future employees. Ergonomic height adjustable desk users can change from sitting (720 mm) to standing (1170mm) easily.


  • Handcrank – 4-5 Handle Rotations for 1” lift.
  • Flexible – Accommodates the needs of current & future employees.
  • Ergonomic – Adjust Height from 720 – 1170mm, users can change from sitting or standing easily.
Tiltable desktop

Easy Height Adjustment

Simply use Handcrank and vary your desk height.

Non-Reflective Surface

Adjustable Feet

Adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floor surfaces. The integrated adjustment screw is hidden, to give the legs a stylish look.

Product Size

Technical Specification


The Alpine tops and underframes are available in several different varieties. Mix and match, and create a combination that suits your environment.


Colour Matched or Natural Fineline Edges


table-top Finishes


There are many well-designed and quality options we can add to your Alpine desk. You can find a selection of options you may want to add. To add extra options to your desk, please call us on tel: +44(0) 17 53867598.

Technical Parameters
Height Range 51cm (72-117cm) Noise
Loading 80 Kg Lifting Speed
Table Size width: 70-80cm
Length: 120-200cm
ESD Protection ± 4Kv(Conducted Discharge)
± 8Kv(Air Discharge)
3 Year Warranty